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      Marcus Kays

      The Alano Club of Lahaina was
      established in 1989. Having
      moved to its current location in
      1991, the board was offered the opportunity
      to purchase the beautiful plantation style
      home that was once the LeBeritone restaurant.
      The mission of the Alano Club is: “ To
      provide a safe, clean, sober environment. For
      fellowship and recovery.” The club offers 16
      AA meetings a week and serves people of all
      walks of life.
      Club Manager Marcus Kays says, “Addiction
      is an equal opportunist and affects a vast
      variety of people. You can find individuals at
      our meetings who have professional careers as
      well as those facing hardship because of the
      economic downturn. Most of us have a family
      member or friends who struggle with some
      form of addiction. We’re not a rehab, but
      we’re here to offer hope and encouragement
      to anyone who wants to deal with their
      The Alano Club offers an atmosphere of peace
      and serenity to all who enter through its doors.
      “While attending Club meetings, people
      who are serious about changing their life will
      receive an unprecedented blueprint on how
      to lead a seemingly normal and productive
      life,” Kays said. Men and women are offered
      the opportunity to learn new ways to build
      relationships, how to treat people, discover
      keys to developing coping skills, and gather
      information which will help them deal with
      the pressures of life in a healthy manner.
      Kays says, “The Club fills a niche that creates a
      positive energy. People who have experienced
      the ravages of alcohol and drug abuse need a
      place like the Alano Club of Lahaina. A place
      where everyone is welcome! No matter where
      a person is at in their life, if they want help we
      are here for them.”
      By partnering with the Maui Food Bank, the
      Alano Club is able to provide meals and snacks
      in a very cost-effective way for the men and
      women they serve. Not only does the club
      reach out to its regular attendees, but they also
      come together at various times of the year and
      do community outreaches by passing out food
      to the hungry living on the west side.

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