Subaru hawai’i: share the love

Share the love, so no family goes hungry!

Subaru Hawai’i and the Maui Food Bank are partnering this year for Share The Love!

Subaru Hawai’i‘s annual Share The Love Event is back on its 12th year! Subaru Hawai’i will donate $250 to a local nonprofit for every new Subaru purchased in Hawai’i between November 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023.

Donations will be evenly distributed across three charities, with each eligible for up to $15,000. These organizations were selected for their alignment with Subaru Hawaiʻi’s Love Promises, areas that we are committed to making a difference in: Pets along with Helping and Caring for People in need. Subaru Hawai’i is also dedicating a majority of proceeds from this year’s Share The Love event to support the Maui community affected by the wildfires.