this Valentine’s Day

Make a Donation

Honor your loved one with a donation in their name, and we’ll send them a Valentine eCard!

This Valentine’s Day, help feed the hungry in Maui County in addition to honoring the one you love.

We’ll send your loved one a personalized Valentine eCard to let them know you’ve made a donation in their name! 

Your donation of just $25 will help us provide 100 healthy meals to food insecure families right here in Maui County.

Please be sure to complete the “Contact Information for Your Valentine” section below so that we can email them a Valentine’s Day e-card to inform them of the donation you made in their honor!

Our 2022 Valentine’s Day campaign is now closed.

A total of $550 was raised, which will provide 2,200 meals.

Mahalo to everyone who made a Valentine’s Day donation!