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Food Distribution

Go Fresh

Ohana Drops

Ohana drops are essential in providing food to those experiencing food insecurity. Many parents face financial difficulties and struggle to afford groceries after paying for essential expenses like rent and utilities. The Go Fresh program ensures recipients receive nutritious food, including fresh fruits and vegetables. With multiple drop-off sites across Maui County, Maui Food Bank provides easy access to food for those in need in their local communities.


Senior Mobile Pantry

Senior Mobile Pantry is a dedicated distribution service for seniors living in Maui County. Each month, we provide a selection of wholesome and supplementary food for seniors at convenient drop-off sites. Our goal is to ensure that seniors have access to a diverse range of nutritious food, including fruits and vegetables through our Go Fresh Program.


Partner Agencies Food Distribution

Maui Food Bank works with more than 100 partner agencies to distribute food through various programs such as: Soup Kitchens, Food Pantries, Youth Programs, Community Service Programs and Senior Housing Sites. Some agencies work in rural, underserved areas such as Hana, Keanae, Molokai and Lanai.

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)

TEFAP is a Federal program that helps supplement the diets of low-income Americans, by providing them with emergency food assistance at no cost. Through TEFAP, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) purchases a variety of nutritious, high-quality USDA Foods, and makes those foods available to food bank distributing agencies, such as soup kitchens and food pantries that directly serve low-income households.


Disaster Preparedness

Maui Food Bank provides food to Disaster Relief Organizations in times of crisis.


Molokai & Lanai

Twenty partner agencies work on Molokai and Lanai and provide safe and nutritious food for those in need. Also, pallets of food are shipped from Maui to both islands on a monthly basis.